Saturday, September 17, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Well while almost everyone in Vancouver has become accustomed to the fighting going on with COPE and its break-a-way rump, Vision Vancouver, there has been escalation of clashes within the NPA. These internal power struggles are going unnoticed by the media. I'm not referring here either to the battle Royal shaping up between Mayoral candidates Christy Clark and Sam Sullivan.

On the school board front, a number of nominated NPA candidates and those seeking nomination are threatening to pull out of the race if longtime and very popular former School Board Chair Sandy McCormick, is allowed to run. Ms McCormick filed nomination papers by the requisite deadline and this has upset NPA'rs Ken Denike and Eleanor Gregory. Not sure what the problem is but Denike and Gregory are working behind the scenes in their attempts to crush a McCormick candidacy. Other NPA candidates just want to raise education issues and are really put off by the shenanigans going on inside the NPA.

And not to be outdone, it appears the two Asian candidates campaigning for NPA Councillor positions are stepping into the fray.

On Thursday September 15, former Liberal MP Sophie Leung held a private event at her home for NPA Council candidate BC Lee. Not on the guest list was NPA star candidate Ronald Leung (no relation to Sophia Leung). Sources confirm this may have something to do with Ms Sophia Leung and her friends having an intolerant viewpoint regarding same-sex marriage whereas sources confirm Mr Leung is very gay friendly.

It appears that BC Lee may be appealing to the more conservative Chinese christian community who have steadfastly stood in opposition to gay rights issues. I'd say BC Lee may find himself in a dire predicament soon since the gay community historically has not been friendly to candidates who pander to those who have opposed their rights. In fact, many of these candidates turn out to be closeted homosexuals themselves and this usually has ramifications for their political aspirations.

I'd say BC Lee should be very concerned over what may become the sleeper campaign issue of the upcoming municipal election.

Stay tuned folks with with what will surely be some political fall-out in the weeks ahead.

Jamie Lee Hamilton