Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Interesting article today in the daily Province paper about the influx of Olympic visitors and how this is creating an increased demand for Sex industry providers.

The Province piece focused the story on heterosexual activity and nowhere did the article focus any attention on the Gay community sub-culture and its own thriving red-light industry.

Vancouver is internationally renowned for its reputation of having some of the world's finest Shemales, Ladyboys and Rent boys (Hustlers).

Of course the Province didn't mention this thriving industry and one can only assume that the Province doesn't believe that the visitors to the City or those living here are interested in the flourishing red-light bisexual, homosexual, lesbian transsexual/transgender and kink communities.

Hopefully our terrific alternative press the Georgia Straight will bring another perspective to high-lite that our edgier alternative communities also have our own thriving red-light industry and this appeals to a significant number of Olympic visitors and even our own Lower Mainland residents.

Jamie Lee Hamilton