Saturday, March 29, 2008


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Vancouver, BC

Peter Ladner Has The Best

One of the top priorities for any Mayoral hopeful is the setting up of a website to reach out to potential voters and communicate their ideas to voters and supporters via electronic means.

So far, we have six candidates who have declared their intention to run for Mayor of Vancouver and one of the first steps in order to realize their Mayoral dream is these candidates winning their party nomination.

One of the best methods to secure support is by signing up members. Of course potential members and even supporters want to know where you stand on certain issues important to them and what your vision for the City is.

I have reviewed all announced Mayoral candidates and I am truly dismayed at the lack of vision in most of them.

Councillor Peter Ladner, by far has the best looking website and most substantial since it showcases Peter's ideas and vision for the City. The only aspect which is lacking is that the website is entirely in English and if Councillor Ladner wants to win the nomination, he needs to reach a wider diversity of Citizens whose mother tongue is not English. Translating portions of his website to other languages will appeal to a larger demographic. Because Councillor Ladner's website just went live last night, I expect, it is still a work in progress and I suspect by the end of next week, lots more will be on the site. Councillor Ladner has significant Council endorsers from 2005 and many prominent citizens will soon be adding their names in support of his Mayoral run. Check out Councillor Ladner's site at

Mayoral hopeful, Councillor Raymond Louie, on the other hand has provided translation on his website and kudos to him for doing this , however, so far only three names appear as endorsers. Moreover, Mr. Louie's site lacks substance, although he has provided a brief glimpse regarding his council record, he doesn't, however, present his Mayoral vision. How he can expect voters to support him if they do not know where he stands on issues and this alone will hamper his ambitions. Check out his site at

Gregor Robertson, the Vancouver-Fairview MLA has a website that doesn't say much. Mr. Robertson is showcasing his endorsers, which he regularly updates on his website, yet the Citizens have no idea what his ideas or vision for the City is. Mr. Robertson has stated the primary reason he decided to run for Mayor was upon learning of the tragic death of a homeless man, yet since that time, Mr. Robertson has said absolutely nothing of his ideas to address homelessness, lack of affordable rental housing and out-of-reach home ownership for many citizens in this City. His website informs us how successful a businessman he is, but the website lacks substance and presents no vision, which is odd considering he is running for a party called Vision. Visit his web at

Park Commissioner, Allan De Genova, has a nice site but again, it lacks any ideas or vision for the City. While his website brings a genuine perspective, showcasing support from ordinary citizens who are actual Vancouverites which is refreshing, unfortunately, we are not presented with much substance and consequently we have no idea what Mr. De Genova plans to bring of benefit to us, the Citizens. If you include Senator Larry Campbell who is featured on Mr. De Genova's site, we really get short-changed. Thankfully though the De Genova website has an online presence of that lovely daughter of Mr. De Genova's, Melissa, therefore, the website doesn't totally tank since the little firebrand daughter, is so hardworking and sweet. Note to Mr. DeGenova, dump the Senator and highlight your daughter. Trust me that will win you far more support. Visit the De Genovas site at

On to his Worship, Mayor Sam Sullivan. Nice site and he does have an impressive array of aristocratic-style endorsers, unfortunately, whatever Mayor Sullivan presents as ideas is countered by his Mayoral record. This Mayor started out with such great hope, even I dared to dream again, only to be flat-lined when he began experimenting and implementing really far-out ideas. When he presented a plan to experiment with sex trade workers lives, by giving them Ritalin in place of Crack and Crystal meth, I had had enough. Nothing this Mayor can say or do will in my opinion, capture the imagination of voters. Sad but true. His site is located at

The sixth declared Mayoral candidate, Peter Ormesher has nothing on his website. Visit

As Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight said last week, this Mayoral campaign so far lacks ideas and with respect to five websites, I agree.

Councillor Ladner though presents fresh ideas and a real vision for the voters to consider. He does so without experimenting with peoples lives and he really appears to be a politician you can trust. He has been married to the beautiful Erica for 33 years and that is so impressive in this day and age when we hear so much about politicians philandering ways.

Besides ideas, trust ranks right up there with what voters desire from our political candidates.

Speaking of ideas, soon there will be another candidate officially announcing his intention to seek a Council seat. If Mr. Michael Geller, a lovely, intellectual man with stellar credentials runs and if Councillor Ladner wins the NPA Mayoral nomination and with Four-Pillars Visionary & former popular Mayor, Philip Owen, and former top vote-getting Councillor, Lynne Kennedy, supporting the Ladner and Geller team, expect the wounded NPA to make a significant turn-around in the current polls.

Coming Soon the potential First Ladies of the City.

Jamie Lee Hamilton