Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Hi Folks, here is a great event for a wonderful cause. Who said Exotic Dancing is seedy is wrong. These Dancers are artists and work very hard in our communities to further humanity. Let's support them---JLH

Dancers for Cancer is THIS THURSDAY, April 30 at the Cecil. Advance tickets are available online & at Flaming Angels for $15.

The Cecil just announced that advance ticket price will extend until 5pm. So get there EARLY and save $5.

Tune in to 99.3 CFOX on Tuesday morning to hear the girls rock Vancouver.

Volunteers: set up begins at 10am at the Cecil
anyone with old promo to donate please drop it off at the cecil front desk or bring it to set-up Thurs morning.

Official stage schedule will be released in a couple days.

I can't wait!!

Ryann Rain