Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HUB Cycling Survey

October 21, 2014 Yesterday I received an email from the cycling group HUB asking me as a Park Board candidate to fill out their survey which only had one question. The question was posed as a Yes or No question. It asked do you support a separated bike path in our parks. Of course this issue raises many concerns and I believe it is impossible to answer with just a Yes or No response. I do not support separated bike paths in parks which take away green space in favour of asphalt. Last year HUB was pushing for a separated bike path in the beautiful Kits Beach Park. This bike path would have cut right through a family picnic area and a children's playground. It also would have taken away substantial green space. I did not support HUB in this case and supported the community of Kits ho were opposed to this plan. Jamie Lee Hamilton www.ideavancouver.wordpress.com