Thursday, April 17, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


On February 22, 2008, I had a conversation with Little Sisters co-owner, Jim Deva. Mr. Deva had just returned from a short vacation to Mexico. Jim Deva and I had a political conversation which we do on a regular basis.

Our conversation got around to the recent announcement by Councillor Peter Ladner about challenging Mayor Sam Sullivan for the nomination to be Mayor of Vancouver.

Mr. Deva stated this, in our conversation, " Good on Peter for doing this, he should have no problem in the gay community. I believe he would be an excellent Mayor for this City".

Mr Deva went on to say that Mayor Sam Sullivan no longer has the moral authority to govern.

I posted this quote from Jim Deva on my blog on February 22, 2008 and in fact, Mr. Deva agrees it was an accurate quote.

Mr. Deva had a lunch meeting with Mayoral candidate, Gregor Robertson on April 3, 2008 and a few days later, Mr. Robertson had on his website, an endorsement from Mr. Deva.

Problem was that Mr. Ladner had the quote from Mr. Deva on his own website under Endorsements and the media sensing something remiss, asked Mr. Deva who he was supporting. Mr. Deva confirmed to Courier columnist, Allan Garr and Ms Frances Bula of the Vancouver Sun, he was supporting Mr. Robertson.

On April, 16, 2008, I had a telephone conversation with Mr. Deva and he asked that I contact Peter Ladner and ask for the quote to be re-moved from his site and I have agreed to this request.

Mr. Deva, who is a cherished friend, I believe is making a mistake in supporting Mr. Robertson and I will be presenting my blog piece on my reasons why.

My mistake I guess was in assuming the Deva quote was support for Councillor Ladner and I apologize to Mr. Ladner and Mr. Deva if this has caused them any embarrassment.

Jamie Lee Hamilton