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August 2, 2007

President BoychukVancouver Pride Society
CC Concerned GLBTQ Community Members

I just read an on-line news blog of the Straight, a paper which historically has supported Vancouver's queer community for a very long time. Its ties with our community run deep.

The Vancouver Pride Society, through a member of its executive board, Ken Coolen, kicked the Straight out of this year's parade. It seems that a few feathers were ruffled regarding this week's Straight feature story, Pride Incorporated. Please see for the story.

The Straight supplied our community way back in 1970 with our own gay pageā€”Page 69, written by Kevin McKeown. For as long as I can remember, Dan Savage has written Savage Love, a racy and informative dear Landers advice-style column, geared to our gay and lesbian communities. Moreover, the Straight was the first paper to allow gays and lesbians to run classified ads seeking out same-sex partners. This was while mainstream press like the Sun were refusing gay ads and treating our community poorly.

It is absolutely disgusting that the Pride Society, through Ken Coolen, would treat this press, in the manner it has. Please see this story

To view community responses in the last few days over this shameful act of Pride please see

The Straight is a strong ally of our community and has showcased many of our out and proud writers, like Bill Richardson, Karen X. Tulchinsky and Michael V. Smith, among others. These award-winning writers contribute to the Straight.

I think the Pride board must immediately offer the Straight, a formal written apology. I encourage everyone who receives this post to voice their concerns to Pride President, John Boychuk, outlining our grave concerns over Pride's mistreatment of a strong ally and supporter of our community.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
Ms Gay Vancouver XI
XtraWest Community Hero 1997.