Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


I knew Jim Green would not take defeat well and his actions these past few days demonstrates clearly why Vancouver didn't desire him to be Mayor. He transplanted an American style politics into Vancouver and even in defeat, he is challenging the results, similar to what happens down south. Talk about being a sore loser. This man can't even be graceful in defeat.

Jim Green is attacking a bona fide candidate, James Green, who also ran for the Mayoralty. Mr. Green, the American, is claiming by inference that somehow James Green robbed him of the Mayoralty because over 4,000 citizens chose James Green, the former Delta School trustee as their choice for Mayor.

Everyone believes Jim Green to be a smart man but why then is he having such difficulty in understanding that over 71,000 Vancouver citizens voted against him. Citizens of Vancouver clearly did not want this man as our Mayor. Why he can't figure this out is beyond me. Mr. Green you received 57,796 votes and that's why you lost. That means a strong majority of citizens did not vote for you.

You know dear readers, I have always articulated that Jim Green is a bully and he re-inforces that reality because of his actions. After being defeated, he has aimed his venom directly at James Green and Sam Sullivan and is now bullying them. All because he lost the election. At least he is leaving me alone for the moment but his disgusting attacks proves I was correct all along in denouncing his bullfrog ways.

Sam Sullivan after winning the election on Saturday, was gracious and was extending an olive branch to Mr. Green saying he believes Mr. Green has a role to play in the further development of the Woodwards project. Mr. Green should have accepted this generousity, instead he went into attack mode, first blaming Sam Sullivan and then the other James Green for his defeat.

And to Mayor Elect Sam Sullivan, please remember this piece of advice. A number of citizens who traditionally vote the centre left came out in the dying days of the campaign to support you over Mr.Jim Green. Their reasons for doing this was because Mr. Green is an intimidator and a bully. I hope you remember their words as you now also find yourself on the other end of Jim Green's bullying ways.

Jamie Lee Hamilton