Thursday, September 27, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Day 4 saw me get back on track. No not that track but the one I need to be on for my healthier eating and lifestyle plan.

In the morning, I had a banana and for lunch, I indulged in a Tuna bunwich. These tuna bunwiches I pick up at T and T market and they are very reasonably priced at $1.50. Very yummy too.

In the afternoon I had my roots touched up. After my appointment, my hairdresser, Cathryn, and I headed to the Bay where I purchased a roast chicken and bought three different salads. They were tomato cucumber, bean salad and potato green bean. I walked home from the Bay which is about 10 blocks.

For dinner, I had one of the salads along with the chicken. After dinner I had a nap. Around 8:30 pm, I went out for a walk. Walking back home, I was passing SFU Harbour Campus and saw former City of Vancouver Youth Advocate Penny Parry and former Councillor, Tim Louis waiting for a taxi. I chatted with them over politics and reporter Matt Burrows of the Straight.

In total, I walked 45 minutes so I feel confident that my healthier choices around food and exercise will improve my health.

For a snack to treat myself, I had the bean salad.

Today, I consumed two glasses or orange juice and five glasses of water. I am proud as I did not buy into temptation and didn't have my usual diet-cola drink.

Jamie Lee Hamilton