Friday, April 18, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


In today's 24 Hours, columnist, Alex G Tsakumis, demonstrates his zealous contempt for former Councillor, Tim Louis. His disdain and intolerance for those who have a differing political philosophy than his own are ridiculed and targeted for his venom and this week, former Councillor, Mr. Louis, was the target.

Mr. Tsakumis, obtained a number of confidential emails circulating between COPE executive members regarding their feelings about the Vision party. Mr. Louis is the secretary of COPE and he had articulated his thoughts regarding accommodating Vision, who he believes as do many other members of COPE, that Vision is no friend of COPE.

Mr. Tsakumis, sensing an opportunity, phoned Mr. Louis for an interview, yet doesn't offer to his readers, any opinions of Mr. Louis. All he provides his readers is a full-out assault on Mr. Louis and his character, no doubt with the intent to smear him in the minds of the electorate.

Mr. Tsakumis embarrassingly gushes on about Che Guevara, a hero of Mr. Louis. Mr. Tsakumis in his rant asks why Mr. Louis is so fond of the Cuban revolutionary Leader and doesn't even provide a Louis response.

Mr Tsakumis calls Mr. Guevara, a murderous thug, without even backing up his preposterous claim.

No question, Che was a revolutionary who believed in and supported communism. He became a hero for many and he worked to improve people's lives.

To compare revolutionary, Che Guevara to a Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, who were murderous thugs, is really distorted thinking and shows that Mr. Tsakumis isn't as smart as he thinks.

Who cares if Mr. Louis has a Guevara t-shirt on the back of his wheelchair. Che Guevara is his hero and as far as I know, we are still allowed freedom of speech and political expression in this country. Moreover, we are still allowed our heroes.

Its really comical as well, how Mr. Tsakumis claims Mr. Louis has created a split in his COPE party.

I would say and I bet many people would agree that it was the likes of Larry Campbell and Jim Green who had a hard time accepting differing political opinions and when they couldn't get their way, even going so far as trying to expel Councillors, Ms Anne Roberts, Mr. Tim Louis and Mr. Fred Bass from COPE, they chose to split but not before saddling COPE with a huge debt.

Mr. Campbell and Mr. Green went on to form Vision and since then, they have worked overtime trying to lay blame at the feet of Mr. Louis for splitting COPE.

Mr Campbell and Mr. Green still seething with revenge, instead of taking responsibility for their own scheming and treacherous ways, have instead made former Councillor Tim Louis, the scapegoat.

Nice guys they are and now they have a friend in you Mr. Tsakumis. Talk about hanging around with a gang of thugs Mr. Tsakumis. And living ones at that.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Jamie Lee Hamilton