Thursday, June 26, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Will She Run for Vancouver Mayor?

Connie Fogal-Rankin
, former COPE Park Commissioner and Leader of the federal Canadian Action Party (CAP) has after four years of leading this small but influential party decided to step-aside in favour of new leadership.

I mention CAP being influential because mainstream parties have picked up on CAP citizen-powered policy alternatives and as a result of Fogal-Rankin's strong, determined and ideas-based leadership, they adopted a number of her and her party's progressive platform.

With Ms Fogal-Rankin's announced retirement plans, rumours are wildly circling and gaining momentum on the Vancouver municipal scene that she would be an excellent Mayoral candidate.

Ms Fogal-Rankin's late husband was the legendary City Councillor Harry Rankin, who had enormous influence in municipal politics. He was well respected by voters across the political spectrum because he offered a clear alternative to what were considered to be establishment politicians with no vision.

Connie Fogal-Rankin, is considered by many to be exactly like her late husband, who was the longest-serving Councillor on the municipal scene.

Many voters are saying that Ms Fogal-Rankin would offer a clear alternative to announced Mayoral candidates, Councillor Peter Ladner and NDP'r Gregor Robertson.

Ms Fogal-Rankin most likely would draw COPE voters since COPE will not be running a Mayoral candidate and many members of COPE do not feel that Gregor Robertson represents their values or politics.

As a former Green party Councillor candidate, Fogal-Rankin, who captured the most votes of a Green candidate in the 2002 election would likely draw significant votes from the progressive, non-opportunistic faction of the Vancouver Greens.

Ms Fogal-Rankin's politics have always been clear. Whether it was mobilizing anti-gambling forces to her Globalization crusade or representing the downtrodden, citizens are crystal clear on where Ms Fogal-Rankin stands on issues.

Ms Fogal-Rankin isn't the type to engage in wishy-washy politics. She knows first hand what happens when you buy into corrupt coalition politics.

Her and her late husband watched as the NDP took over COPE and watered down most of COPE's longstanding progressive policies.

She and her supporters watched mortified as COPE refused to take a stand on the destination Seaport Casino which would have destroyed the DTES. Because Ken Georgetti of the BC Federation of Labour and Premier Mike Harcourt were supporting the casino even as every single group in the DTES was opposing it, COPE not wanting to offend the labour elite, caved and ever since has had difficulty distinguishing itself as the progressive party that Harry Rankin built.

So with the 2008 municipal election looming and once again COPE appearing to be caving to the NDP-affiliated and controlled Vision party, the time seems perfect, according to many activists, for Connie Fogal-Rankin to consider offering herself up as an alternative to voters not comfortable with what they consider the machine politics of Vision or the NPA.

Jamie Lee Hamilton