Wednesday, November 16, 2005



On November 16, 2005, a number of high profile
Aboriginal Leaders have endorsed the Jamie Lee
Hamilton Campaign for City Council.

Lou Demerais, longtime executive Director of Vancouver
Native Health states, " Jamie knows the Downtown
Eastside and Aboriginal Issues. She will work hard for
all of Vancouver. I'm happy to endorse her bid for

Chief Bill Wilson said, "Jamie Lee will shake up City
Hall. This is what's needed. I'm endorsing her".

Dolly Watts, owner of Liliget Feast House says, "I'm
pleased to endorse her. She is a tireless advocate
just like her late mother. I endorse her bid for

Former IWA President, Dave Haggard, also announced his
support for Hamilton, She's a Winner. I'm happy to be
supporting her".

United Native Youth Association Executive Director,
Jerry Adams states, "Jamie Hamilton has been a
longtime supporter of Urban Aboriginal Youth Issues.
I'm happy to support her bid".

Penny Irons, Director of the Aboriginal Mother Centre
said, "Jamie Lee was the only one speaking out about
the Missing Women, she is a true warrior. I'm happy to
support her".

Edna Brass, longtime Eastside activist is also
endorsing Hamilton. "Jamie Lee is my Hero and she does
so much for Vancouver. I'm telling all my friends to
support her".

These latest endorsements add to the growing support
Hamilton has in Vancouver.

" I'm thrilled beyond belief to have this support, it
means so much to me having these great Aboriginal and
Community Leaders, supporting me", says Jamie Lee

Aboriginal Leaders have joined hands with other
Community Leaders in supporting Hamilton. Previously
announced support includes, Jim Deva--owner of Little
Sisters, Stephen Rogers--former Social Credit Cabinet
Minister, Becki Ross--professor at UBC, Claudia
Ferris--Hasting Sunrise activist, Prominent
Businessman Mark James, lawyer Connie Fogal-Rankin,
GenerASIAN founder--David Wong, Barry Morris--United
Church Minister, Laura McDiarmid--former Park Board
Chair and Wally Chan--Vice President of United
Commercial Food Workers Union.