Sunday, November 20, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Continuously, the mainstream Media have informed us that Larry Campbell is the most popular politician in Vancouver. This civic election campaign was largely fought with Larry Campbell carrying Jim Green on his shoulders. Instead of it being a race between Green and Sullivan, the boorish Larry Campbell inserted himself into it and it became a race between Larry Campbell/Jim Green and Sam Sullivan. Even then with stacked odds of two to one, Mr Sullivan still won! This speaks volumes of Mr. Sullivan's character!

Its a widely known fact, that Larry Campbell has an over-sized ego . The only one who can match the ego of Mr. Campbell is Jim Green. Today dear voters you can bet on one certainty. There is now two very bruised and deflated egos in this city.

I'm sure the federal Liberals were closely watching the results last night. They must be gravely concerned.

You see, the federal Liberals no doubt will be concerned since they appointed Senator Larry Campbell, mistakenly believing he could assist them in a tightly contested Federal election, coming soon. It appears now, Mr. Campbell is of no use to them and if they are smart, they will keep him in Ottawa with his big Yap shut. His supposed popularity, is quickly dwindling and this was evident in the final vote tally last night. Consequently instead of being an asset for the Liberals, he is a hindrance to them.

Sam Sullivan won the Mayoralty as I expected him to. He is a decent, hardworking and honest man. Vancouver is fortunate to have him as our next Mayor. He brings people together instead of dividing them. He is not a bully and the electorate knows this. After serving for 12 years as a city Councillor, Mr Sullivan is more than qualified to do the job. And the voters agreed. He won the Hearts of Vancouver Citizens.

Most people dislike bullies and what this municipal election boiled down to was a race between two bullies and one who isn't.. Another key factor involved was the issue of Credibility and Trustworthiness. Citizens believed Sam Sullivan has loads of it, while Jim Green was sorely lacking in it. Voters made their choice based on these three factors.

A few media pundits and most likely Jim Green himself, will claim that the other Jim Green in the Mayoral race caused the American born Jim Green to lose the election. They will charge that voters were confused. But let me say quite clearly that voters are smart people. They know exactly what they are doing and it was apparent that over 4,000 voters were not comfortable parking a vote for either Jim Green/Larry Campbell or Sam Sullivan. They instead chose James Green and this is what Democracy is about.

Speaking of Democracy, it should be noted in the City Councillor race over 50,000 Citizens chose Independents as their preferred choice. Between Ann Livingston, Kevin Potvin, Bev Ballantyne and myself, we captured the Hearts of over 50,000 voters and I'm proud of this fact. Ann, Kevin, Bev and I will hold our heads high knowing this speaks volumes about our roles and place in Vancouver's political and public life.

To all the winners, good luck and god speed!

To those unsuccessful, never retreat. Keep speaking out!

Finally to Vancouver, Thank You for allowing me my stage!

Jamie Lee Hamilton