Thursday, January 10, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The ongoing saga and attempted deportation of a South Asian man, Laibar Singh, who forged documents (committed fraud) in order to stay in Canada has with his supporters been citing serious health problems as the reasons why he shouldn't be deported. Now these supporters of Laibar Singh are raising the racism flag. This type of politicking is disgusting.

The Sikh and South Asian communities which are sheltering Mr. Singh, including the lunatic fringe group, No One is Illegal and its even loonier spokesperson, Harsha Walia, has repeatedly stated that this man suffered an aneurysm, which is a serious brain condition and that Canadian Border Services should on humanitarian and compassionate grounds not deport this man.

Now, it has come to light by the physician treating Mr. Singh that he hasn't had an aneurysm at all. Nor has he had a stroke. His condition is described as nerve damage caused by an infection in the spinal chord which has caused some dysfunction in the extremities. Physician, Mr. Gulzar Cheema, states that Mr. Singh is regaining strength in the upper body and that there is no medical reason why he shouldn't be able to fly safely back to India.

In response, another hastily formed group called Communities for Laibar Singh are organizing a rally at the Vancouver Public Library claiming racism is behind the deportation order. These same individuals are the ones who said the Vancouver Sun was racist for bringing forward forward the hate comments of Mr. Balwant Singh Gill.

A number of individuals involved in the organizing of this meeting are those who receive paycheques in providing poverty services to the Downtown Eastside neighborhood.

These individuals fit a certain profile. They are usually young, come from middle class backgrounds, are well educated and use their funded positions to take on numerous causes. A number of these povertarians as they are called by Downtown Eastsiders have availed themselves of convenient opportunities to obtain jobs. They profess to care about people but really their caring is only to feather their own nest.

With the Laibar Singh case, these same povertarians are taking someone and re-arranging his life to suit their own political agenda. As they often do to other unsuspecting folks and making a cause out of an unfortunate situation as they gain some personal capital in the process.

Laibar Singh, if he had an aneurysm, should have been allowed to stay in Canada. But he hasn't had as serious medical problems as stated by liars like Harsha Walia and others of her ilk, who are only using this individual in order to make a name for themselves and their quirky group, No One is Illegal.

It's the same down here in Oldtown and that's why Vancouver has worsening poverty and third-world-like prevailing conditions in the DTES ghetto.

Give people real help, not a multitude of non-accountable, do nothing make-work programs and services for the povertarians.

Jamie Lee Hamilton