Friday, May 07, 2010


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Vancouver, BC

Blogger Overstates his Credentials

It seems that Sean Horlor, sex pig blogger for Xtra has overstated his credentials on his online CV. See He claims to be a Journalist yet really has no qualifying credentials to back up this fabrication.

Mr Horlor has written a few articles ok 3 or 4 poorly written ones for Xtrawest and now is the Xtra resident gay blogger.

Blogging is probably more suitable to Mr Horlor since the articles could never be considered quality pieces by most journalistic standards.

The Journalists I spoke to regarding Mr Horlor's articles said they were a joke. They were according to my sources nothing but fluff pieces probably written in order for Mr Horlor to get laid. These real Journalists said they would actually be quite dismayed and embarrassed to have any of their work appear near him. He has become the standard joke in one certain newsroom.

See this story

Here are a few comments made regarding the fluff piece written by Blogger Horlor

"More Fluff
Dime a dozen. Careful where you spread your cheeks. Can't believe, no wait I can that Xtra lets this be a part of their paper.
Fluff, Vancouver BC
10/27/08 9:34 PM EST "

"Poor journalism
This is a disappointing article. That it was the cover story makes it doubly disappointing. First of all, Sean Horlor might be considered to be an up-and-coming Canadian poet, but a journalist he is not. Perhaps it is because he was too busy being sycophantic, or perhaps it is because he is just a poor writer. There is a world of difference between, say, writing a poem and writing a profile for a newspaper. And do not believe for a moment that one is necessarily easier than the other. You either have it or you don't. Don't think for a moment I am not going to be constructive with my criticism. I shall now provide examples of where this article went wrong and how it could have been improved. Example 1: "This past August, at Peter Breeze's live concert at the Sunset Beach Pride Festival, one of his female fans screamed non-stop for the entire length of his first single 'Boy.'" Two problems. First, did the first three words need to be "this past August"? Didn't grab me. Second, it is redundant to say "live concert". Just saying "concert" would have sufficed. Example 2: "Breeze took a night off his hectic recording schedule to meet up with me in his manager's Yaletown apartment a few weeks ago." Why do we need to know he has a hectic schedule? Does this imply he is the only busy person out there? This insults the reader because it implies that he or she should feel privileged to read this. Also, writing that you did the interview a few weeks ago is fairly pointless. Example 3: "He also has an easy-going way of talking that would put the typical standoffish Vancouverite to shame." Cliche. Example 4: "He even has the word 'untouchable' tattooed on his right wrist, a suitable statement given where he hopes he's headed and what he seems to be capable of." Fluff. Assumptions. Sycophan
Martin, London Uinited Kingdom
11/06/08 5:28 PM EST "

Mr Horlor also claims to have been a speechwriter for Premier Gordon Campbell but if you actually have seen his writing, perhaps this is why he no longer is a speechwriter.

In his latest blog posting of today, Mr Horlor uses a friend using the anonymous name Steve Adams ( not a real name - talk about being a coward) to blog about the grey whale currently residing in False Creek. Mr Horlor lifted my photo which he does not have permission to use and plucked it down above his story. Pathetic if you ask me and this just demonstrates that he has no credibility whatsoever in the journalism world.

A real Journalist governs themselves by ethical standards and the lifting of someone's photo which you do not have the rights to, besides being just plain stupid, also re-enforces that Mr Horlor has no ethics.

Jamie Lee Hamilton

NB the term sex pig originates in the gay community and is not considered an offensive term. It is attributed primarily to gay males and to define someone who has made it a point of well being a sex pig or uses their sexuality in order to draw attention to themself.