Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Meeting the PM Today

Downtown Eastside

Hi Viewers and Friends!!

The following email I received from David who is one of the Chinese Co-Ordinators for the Shirley Chan campaign. He has allowed me to use his email to sum up our busy day. I m off to a press confetrence this evening where my group will announce our Change The Code strategy. Until tomorrow - Cheers everyone!

Jamie Lee Hamilton

--- "David H. Wong" wrote:
>> Less than a week away till e-Day.
>> Whoo-hoo... did I have fun today! PM PM (that's
>> Prime Minister Paul Martin)
>> was in Chinatown for a rah-rah session, and yours
>> truly had a Hoot poking
>> folks in the eye.
>> The majestic Jamie Lee Hamilton was my partner in
>> crime in egging on and
>> watching hordes of Chinese Cdns jostled for position
>> as PM PM sat trying to
>> act normal at the head table. We along with other
>> Shirley Chan supporters
>> cued along like trained seals as the cameras kept
>> rolling and clicking.
>> Ahhh... Bart Simpson would have been proud of me.
>> It was the best show in town.
>> Dozens (tens of dozens?) of shutterbugs and their
>> pals reciprocated
>> throughout the entire media event elbowing, cursing
>> and shoving each other
>> for best position...culminating in the (whoops)
>> disconnection of PM PM's
>> microphone near the beginning of his speech. It was
>> a good place to learn
>> meaningful chinese explicitives.
>> Yep...there's nothing like good ol' politics as a
>> bloodsport in this town.
>> Remember to do your part and vote on Monday, June
>> 28, 2004.