Friday, December 30, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Hi Friends!

Just a few random thoughts. In only 34 hours many of us will be ringing in another New year. While others may sleep through the midnight hour as Jan 1, 2006 approaches, I though love being with friends and celebrating as one year draws to a close and another begins. To me there always is something exciting and magical about time.

Doing something fun on New Years Eve has always been my style. Its an opportunity to be with cherished friends as we celebrate our spirits and our lives. Many people make special resolutions for the New year--myself--I always roll with the punches and allow life to take me where it takes me. Destiny I always thought was something we have no control over. In any event it just suits my character allowing something greater to guide me.

This year though is different. As many of you are aware, back in September, I turned half a century and it was a magical milestone. You see with the life I led, I wasn't certain 50 was ready for me, however, 50 hit me square in the eye and I embraced it, actually I craved it for some reason. Importantly, on my special day, my beloved sister, Gail, who has always been there for me throughout my moments in life, was with me as I reached this historic milestone. Whether this was destiny or something else is not answerable. Sometimes those special moments don't need answers.

As 2006 approaches, I will be with three special entertainers and we plan on livening up the Drive with our unique styles. I am looking forward to ushering in the New year, with Mz Adrien, Ruby and Sin.D as we glam it up for our New Years Eve at Sash, 1447 Commercial Drive.

And as this year closes, I have finally given in to time. I have made a decision to retire from the sex trade. As many readers and certainly my friends are aware, I have worked on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again for most of my life. During the recent municipal election, I temporarily retired but whether this would be permanent still wasn't clear. But I have to say, I enjoyed my time away from those cold nights and while I probably could go on forever as my spirit itself demonstrates, I want to explore other challenges in life. Besides I am now buying into "love is nothing until you give it away". With this in mind, I want to persue my dreams and allow my dreams to soar to new heights. So watch for some other aspects of Jamie Lee to emerge in 2006.

Most of all, wish me well as I begin these new challenges and believe me there will be plenty. But they are good challenges and hopefully they will bring success. Most of all, being the public person that I am, I promise to keep everyone informed!

Finally, to something that has been a labour of love, this blog has provided me a creative outlet which I have given steadfastly to. I love writing for others and myself and while I'm signing off for 2005, I'll continue to bring my unique style of writing to you in 2006.


Shalom (Peace)

Jamie Lee