Wednesday, November 30, 2005


November 30, 2005


Citizens Watchdog calls for Investigation of Mr. Jim Green and Senator Larry Campbell

I can't believe after the democratically constituted Vancouver municipal election is over and done, yet the new Mayor elect, by democratic will and choice of the people, is being hounded by bullies and now it appears you Mr. Graham have been duped into the unnecessary assaults on Sam Sullivan and the citizens of Vancouver.

Of course, these complaints which you acted on, originated from Senator Larry Campbell and defeated Mayoral candidate, Jim Green.

My concern is over potential 'abuse of authority' since Mr. Campbell was your boss at the time he requested an investigation.

It appears the departing Mayor, Larry Campbell, may have cajoled you, the Police Chief into initiating yet another public deliberation of whether Sam Sullivan acted immorally in something which occurred over five years ago. The police should never be involved in deciding whether an individual is fit to hold public office. That decision should always rest with the voting citizens.

The events in question which took place was that Mr. Sam Sullivan as a duly elected Councillor, came to the Downtown Eastside in attempt to better understand the complexities of the drug subculture sweeping Vancouver. Remember, the Health board had declared this matter a Public Health emergency and Mr. Sullivan took action as a politician, as he should, so that he could properly inform himself.

At the time, countless Sex Trade workers were also disappearing and I remember Sam Sullivan made contact with sex worker advocacy groups in order to see how he could help. Moreover, former Councillors Jennifer Clarke and Nancy Chiavario came down to the working strolls, especially the Franklin stroll in order to witness first hand, the dangerous situations, prostitutes were placed in. To me, these heroic acts by Chiavario, Clarke and Sullivan were all based on compassionate grounds.

Mr. Sullivan befriended a drug missuser and sex trade worker in order to properly understand the dynamics at play regarding their daily lives. Mr. Sullivan made the correct call as a responsive and responsible politician to investigate.

As a compassionate person, he may have thrown caution to the wind and his kind and generous heart overruled other factors at play. When requested, he came to the desperate assistance of these two individuals.

And now because of these actions, two bullies who are sore losers are making life hell for Mayor elect, Mr. Sam Sullivan and ultimately for us, the citizens of Vancouver.

Mr. Larry Campbell in particular, in my opinion, I allege, has misused his public office and there should be full public disclosure into whether Mr Larry Campbell and Jim Green breached public trust and confidence regarding this matter.

Mr. Campbell and Mr. Green should be investigated into whether the aforementioned recipients of Mr. Sullivan's compassion, received financial compensation or favours from Mr. Campbell and Mr. Green or anyone politically involved or affiliated with these two men.

Further, Mr. Graham, I believe that the course of action Mr. Sullivan took is not criminal in nature. In fact, to back up my claim, I remind you that while communicating for the purposes of prostitution is illegal in Canada, yet those of us who asist sex trade workers under the distortion of Mr. Larry Campbell should also be investigated (persecuted), since as advocates we assist marginalized populations with food, clothing, shelter and sometimes money which may also go to purchase drugs.

Consequently, Chief Graham, I ask you to restore public confidence by answering a couple of key questions. The first is: are you confident that Mayor Larry Campbell did not breach public trust or create public mischief (which are both criminal code offences)?

I ask you this since it appears Mr. Larry Campbell may have forwarded his complaint through you during the election and therein potentially lies a problem because if this scenario is correct, Mr Campbell may have abused his position of authority by disrespecting the impartial role the public expects from their Police Chief, especially in regard to political life.

Thank You Mr. Graham for your attentiion to this very serious matter.


Jamie Lee Hamilton