Friday, December 01, 2006


by Alex G Tsakumis

Dear Friends, Posted below is a poignant AIDS day tribute written by Alex G Tsakumis who is a Straight Greek Man with Incredible Compassion and Fashion Sense. He also is one of the Hottest Political Commentators around ( but don't tell Bill Tieleman)!!! Alex G has allowed me to re-post his AIDS day tribute on my blog. Thank You Mr. Greek Express!!!


For any of you, like me, who lost loved ones to the
dereaded AIDS epidemic, today is a day of sadness,
but also joy.

Sadness in the loss but joy in that it has turned
out not to have been in futility.
With the advance of drugs and therapies to combat
AIDS, we help provide at least some healing to the
grief stricken and the ill.

Almost 40 million people have died of AIDS. Today is
a day when we cherish their memories and honor their
lives by never forgetting to spread the word: safe,
responsible and aware.

AIDS is no longer just a gay disease. But there are
telltale signs that there are those in the GLBT
Community, who still 'don't get it'. Fight the good
fight that the irresponsible behavior will be
rejected by our friends in the gay.
community. Pray that the spectacle of the Pride
Parade becomes a real celebration of tolerance and
acceptance, and not remain an overblown sexual
carnival, where many floats feature the simulation
of irresponsible and deadly behavior.

Blessings to you and to all our friends in the GLBT
Community. May they live in peace.

Kindest regards,

A.G. (Alex) Tsakumis