Thursday, June 17, 2004

Equality and Prostitution Reform

June 17,2004

For Public Release

Downtown Eastside

Hi All,

Attended the Female all candidate meeting on tuesday june 15, hosted by the University Women's Club at Hycroft mansion. It was a civil debate and all four candidates performed well. The Conservative candidate Alice Wong though is out of step with most Canadians on social issues. Former Park Commissioner Laura McDermiad was in attendance and asked the candidates a pointed question on same sex marriage. Shirley Chan of the Liberals, Bev Meslo of the NDP and Tracy Mann of the Greens shone in their replies. Sadly, the conservative demonstrated why she shouldn't be running for public office. There is nothing progressive about her! Equality is a fundamental right in our society and those running who oppose Equal rights shouldn't be seeking public office. Also on the agenda this evening was prostitution reform and more specifically removing section 210 and 213 from the Criminal Code of Canada. Section 213 makes it illegal for sex trade workers to 'communicate'. And 210 the 'bawdy house' section makes it illegal to work from your office. Both these sections criminalize prostitution and prostitutes, yet prostitution is legal in Canada. Sex workers are often busted under these 2 sections. These draconian laws have put sex trade workers in harm's way and have no place in a modern just society. To their credit all 3 progressive candidates Chan, Meslo and Mann, articulated if elected, they will fight to repeal these sections of the CC.

Of the aforementioned candidates, it appears only Shirly Chan has a shot of winning. Remember this when exercising your vote. Equality for all is needed in a true and just society.

Jamie Lee Hamilton