Thursday, May 10, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Sid Tan for my readers who don't know, is the 6 months-in-the-job DERA staffer who recently became a casualty as a result of the DERA Chinese grant being discontinued.

Since the funding has been pulled, Sid has been crying the blues over the loss of his job.

As some of my readers may be aware, Mr. Tan about a month ago, has been earmarked to run for the Green party of Canada in Van-Kingsway. One assumes that Mr. Tan is a resident of that area and in fact, a few weeks ago informed a Kingsway constituent, namely Ruth Meta, who happens to be a former DERA director, that he resides in the electoral district of Vancouver-Kingsway.

Yet last week, Mr Tan informed this blog-writer in front of esteemed 24 hours news journalist, Ian King, (long live the King), that he resides in an Oldtown SRO.

OK so perhaps Mr. Tan has two homes as did another DERA staffer, David Cunningham of APC who while residing in Solheim place ( a DERA run building), kept a bachelor pad at the Marie Gomez (another DERA operated building). Not bad for someone who talks about dire poverty in Oldtown yet keeps two homes. This is pure luxury when you compare this to people who don't even have one.

This latest information about Sid Tan rings a few bells. First needed answering is whether he has in fact two homes? And if he does, doesn't he feel any remorse since people he supposedly advocates for, sadly don't even have one?

Mr. Tan needs to clear up this matter since many GREEN voters would be aghast to learn that one of their potential candidates by having two homes, isn't doing his bit of reducing his ecological footprint.

On the other hand, being benevolent to Mr. Tan for a moment, since he did lose his job last week, the question of two homes can be quickly cleared up by Mr. Tan himself. He must address this matter because if he doesn't have two homes, he has either, I allege, misled a constituent of Van-Kingsway or I allege, fabricated a story in front a well respected columnist. Which is it Mr. Tan?

Oh yes before I forgot, you accused the NPA and Councillor Peter Ladner of playing dirty politics Mr. Tan. However, it seems to me that someone who strives to eradicate homelessness, yet who has two homes while collecting a decent salary with generous benefits isn't one to be taken seriously since this issue goes directly to the heart of good character and sound moral judgement.

Mr. Tan you should clear this matter up, because, as it now stands, it really once again, leaves a really bad stench of DERA dirty politics.

Jamie Lee Hamilton