Thursday, August 16, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The Vancouver Library workers who belong to CUPE Local 391 are continuing with their bargaining discussions and acting in good faith. Kudo's to them for doing so!

I wonder if this might have more to do with Library workers tending to be primarily female?

This has been the first time in its 77 year history the Library Union has ever been on strike. Apparently their biggest grievance is gender equity issues and without question, especially in this day and age, attention must be paid to reduce gender imbalances in the workplace.

Local 391 meets with the City again this Friday and word is out that there is a close settlement. Our Vancouver Library workers want a comparable deal to the one given to Burnaby Library workers. This seems fair and I certainly hope, our City of Vancouver negotiators realize that our Library workers are hard-working and essential to the good health of the city's residents.

Vancouver citizens are particularly fond of our Library workers and hold them in high esteem. We desire them to receive fair treatment in the bargaining process and are given what they are requesting.

If no pumped-up egomaniac of a male Labour Leader interferes, our Library workers should have a fair and equitable contract by Friday.

Keep on Bargaining!

Jamie Lee Hamilton