Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Well, the folks at Carnegie Centre are still in a flap because, Carole Taylor, our beautiful B.C. Finance Minister chose to purchase a pair of Gucci shoes for budget day. Please see for complete story.

While, I respect many activists at Carnegie, I really think there are more important things to focus on, rather than getting into a stupor over a pair of designer shoes.

The Carnegie folks called their event a Shoe-In but I guess they forgot this concept was already presented by yours truly at City Hall in 1998. In fact I sent out a press release which had the headline "City Hall to be scene of Shoe-In". I guess though, it isn't the first time, someone has copied my creativity and bastardized it for some other purpose.

Seriously though, if the Gucci shoes are a good fit for Ms Taylor, look great and are durable why is she being attacked for displaying her style? Could it be because she is a woman, beautiful, fashionable and rich?

Good grief, c'mon Carnegieites grow up. Yes there is poverty all over the world, but to ridicule someone who likes designer fashions, isn't going to solve poverty. In fact, attacking Ms Taylor over her fashion sense, just makes you all appear too PC. This in turn, turns potential allies away from you.

Jamie Lee Hamilton