Friday, October 21, 2005


October 20,2005

Dear Friends,

Update on Legal Suit - Green vs Hamilton Today I met with my lawyer and he was in possession of documents from Jim Green and Heather Deal's lawyer.

There was a demand from Mr. Green that I sign two documents prepared by Jim Green and his legal team, clearing him of any wrongdoing in the DERA missing funds controversy.

The requests were that I retract that Mr Green had anything to do with the missing funds at DERA in 1992. Further, in the presented documents, Mr. Green, and his legal team instructed me to sign off that Councillor Green did the right thing in 1992, in which it is alleged by Green that his lawyers instructed him not to persue a police investigation over the stolen $20,000 from DERA.

Of course, since I was not privy to discussions in 1992 between Mr. Green and his then lawyers over this matter, I couldn't possibly agree to this outrageous demand from Councillor Jim Green.

I was given an ultimatum to sign off by 12 noon Friday, October, 21,2005.

I want to make it very clear here that I will not be complying with Mr. Green's demands. Further at my press conference, I spoke the truth regarding the Missing funds at DERA. I said there was a Cover-Up and I am unwavering in my belief.

I am continuing with my Queen of Hearts Campaign for City Council and I am delighted at the positive responses I'm receiving from Vancouver voters. I have instructed my lawyer to prepare the strongest defense for the malicious suit brought by Councillor Green.

Jamie Lee Hamilton