Friday, June 20, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Breaking news is that well-liked NDP candidate for Vancouver-Centre, Randall Garrison is stepping down.

No news has yet emerged on Mr. Garrison's reasons for stepping down. I've just sent him an email asking if he would elaborate on his sudden departure.

Mr. Garrison is an out gay man who resides in the West End. He was a natural fit for the riding of Van-Centre which has a large gay population.

Mr. Garrison though was up against the super uber popular and much-beloved Dr. Hedy Fry who has served as MP for the riding since 1993. Ms Fry is in many people's minds, unbeatable. This may have factored in to Mr. Garrison's decision.

If Dr Fry didn't represent the riding, Mr. Garrison, may have had a fighting chance. However, the gay community loves its Divas.

I've heard rumours though that another Goddess may want this seat. Well another one besides the well-respected Adriane Carr.

Should be an interesting race and I suspect that Ms Carr at this point may be running second to Dr Fry and this may have resulted in Mr. Garrison's sudden resignation as the NDP nominee for Centre.

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story courtesy of Oldtown News.

Jamie Lee Hamilton