Friday, February 16, 2007



Yesterday, the NPA dominated council made a smart decision. They rejected calls by misguided activists for a Moratorium on substandard housing in the Downtown Eastside. The vote went 6-4. Vision Vancouver Councillors supported this Moratorium motion which would have entrenched the poor and downtrodden in unsafe, dangerous, unhealthy and unacceptable deplorable conditions.

Which brings me to the next point. I have been receiving a number of posts from a blogger named Sean Orr, who disagreed with my position, which was my desire for Council not to pass the Moratorium. This blogger has taken a number of liberties which questioned my commitment to assisting my neighbors in the historic Oldtown area. He even went on to suggest I was being insensitive to the poor.

Of course when others who suddenly jump on a bandwagon which this blogger has and then feels it necessary to impugn my efforts, as anyone who knows me will testify, I usually fire back. So not wanting to engage in a pissing match, I am always astounded though when these Johnny come lately's think they are all so politically correct.

Its interesting how this blogger stated his commitment to assisting people in the Downtown Eastside. He rattles on, affirming his credibility by stating he was a former alcoholic, participated in Woodsquat, was a Green party candidate, donates to PIVOT and supports the Anti Poverty GANG.

But I have uncovered a discrepancy in his commitment to his cause. Which is usually typical of those who are ever so righteous.

Mr. Orr is adamant that these fleabag Hotels not be allowed to convert, yet he hosted an event at a well known Downtown Eastside hotel which did move out its lower income citizens as it converted to the more lucrative Tourist use. Moreover, he continues to promote events at this Hotel. Of course he has no problems supporting the Hotel. Could it be that he tossed aside his principles to make a buck?

It also seems odd that when he wants to line his own pocket, he sells prominent ad space to an Multi-National Corporation, BMW on the Blog for which he is an Editor/Owner.

Actually, I find it obscene on his Blog cover page, he has a very large photo of the new style Mini car parked at Gassy Jack Square. He seems to be promoting automobile use on the most historic area of the city and on its quaint cobblestone lined junction too boot. An area where citizens often gather, posing for pictures. Tsk Tsk. And from a Green party candidate at that. Go figure.

On another front, advocate Stephanie Smith, who calls herself a former employee for APC/Dera has written a number of posts to me. Articulating her credibility, she goes on to say that she may even be considered a somewhat disgruntled former employee. Then she goes on to defend the APC/Dera Gang. Of course she also feels it necessary to attack my credibility by saying my comments have less impact due to my speaking out certain truths about the APC/Dera Gang.

And does anyone wonder why the Downtown Eastside remains such a troubled mess?

Jamie Lee Hamilton