Thursday, October 09, 2014

COPE Proposal for Permanent Tent City is Irresponsible

October 9, 2014 I'm pretty shocked and dismayed that COPE Park Board candidates are pushing for a permanent tent city. Tent Cities provide some temporary emergency relief for those who are homeless but it is totally irresponsible to suggest this is an acceptable or humane form of housing. I applaud the homeless for drawing attention to their situations and in fact this form of protest stirs government bodies into action. As a result of the Oppenheimer tent city a shelter was opened in the West End and a 4 star hotel is being converted to house some of our homeless population. It really irks me though when those who have comfortable homes think they know what is best for the homeless. Tents should never be viewed as a safe, sanitary, healthy or alternative housing option. It really disgusts me that COPE has taken this position. People deserve better! They deserve homes not tents! Jamie Lee Hamilton