Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


From the interior of his wood panelled office, the fiery and bad tempered drama writer, Mayor Larry Campbell has gone on the offensive, once again attacking a councilor from his own party.

Mr Campbell yesterday said that Councilor Fred Bass was a cast-off from the Green party. Mr Bass it should be noted is a two term elected COPE councilor. In the last municipal election Mr Bass topped the polls, placing ahead of the widely known Councilor Jim Green.

It seems that Mayor Campbell should choose his words more carefully about GREEN cast-offs since he is the one who has approached GREEN school board Trustee, Andrea Reimer to join his struggling Friends of Larry group. Perhaps Mr Campbell also forgets that COPE and the GREENS in the 1999 election had an official alliance together. And in the 2002 civic race, COPE ran only eight candidates while leaving a couple of council spots open to the GREENS. And lest Mayor Campbell forget, he heartily enjoyed receivng the GREEN party endorsement of his candidacy. As I recall, he held a joint press conference with the GREEN party to announce this. Of course you can't fault Mr Campbell for his selective memory since he only becme a COPE member in 2002.

Mr Campbell also needs to be reminded that he had meetings in 2002 with all four civic parties before he decided on dancing the jig with COPE. It seems Mr Campbell was looking out for his own interests. He only decided to run with COPE after they agreed to his request to spend at least a million dollars for his mayoral campaign.

As many of my readers know, COPE could not raise the million and has since the 2002 election carried a debt of $400,000.00. Now that the Mayor hasn't gotten his way with COPE, his plans include saddling the party with this debt. Nice guy isn't he.

Perhaps instead of campaigning as Mayor Da Vinci, the moniker Million Dollar Larry would be more appropriate.

The ongoing antics of Million Dollar Larry just demonstrates to the public what they got when they elected this neophyte political bully in 2002.

Oh and Larry don't be sending me any trojan horse viruses please!

Jamie Lee Hamilton