Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Plump Your Vote

Oldtown News supports the voters in making wise choices today when casting your ballots.

Oldtown News supports those who support Oldtown News and I'm voting for three fine ladies who make up the ABC team.

Re-elect our Queen of the soccer moms Councillor Suzanne Anton, our Queen of the Arts Councillor Elizabeth Ball and our Queen of Hot or Not and she's Hot Councillor Kim Capri.

I've added Park Board Chair Korina Houghton because I adore her and she is really sweet and sincere.

Please folks vote for women candidates and diversity. Plump your vote so those you really want to win - have increased opportunity to win.

Vote Lea Johnson as an strong Independent for Council.

Who I want to be on Park board sandwiched between are Christopher Richardson and Ivan Doumenc. Melissa De Genova is a lovely choice too!

A number of the work less-Indies are worthy people as well. Chris Shaw, Geri Tramutola and Ian Gregson are strong advocates for people in Vancouver.

Now go Vote and plump that Vote.

NB Plumping refers to swelling your vote. Don't vote for the full compliment of candidates you are entitled to. If you only vote for those you really really want to win, by only voting that person and perhaps a few others your vote for your preferred candidate is way stronger because the vote doesn't get carved up as much. So when voting for the Queen of the Parks don't vote for six other candidates (you are entittled to 7 votes for Parks board) because this weakens my vote if I'm your preferred candidate.

See you tonight at the Railway Club at 8pm!

Jamie Lee Hamilton