Friday, August 11, 2006



Well folks I'm heading up to Kamloops this weekend to attend the United Native Nations convention. Someone asked if I planned on setting Kamloops ablaze! Well anytime a Tranny arrives in a small town, I'm sure it will have the locals abuzz.

My trip was provided courtesy of several generous donors. They include Colleen Hardwick, Valerie Jenkinson, Michelle Mollineaux, Sandra LaFramboise and Laurel Irons. Thank You to these Fabulous Five for making sure, I get to the convention.

I know many of my readers will want to hear steamy details of my time in Kamloops and I do plan on sharing glimpses of what its like for this big ole Tranny in small town Kamloops.

Chief Bill Wilson has assured me that he'll have tight security at my disposal to ensure my safety. That means that esteemed playwright, Bill Stewart, will be chaperoning me to keep me out of trouble. Unlike Jim Green, I don't expect the two Bills to pull any cheap trick(s) on me!!!

I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a ride and two UBC students are driving me up. We leave at 5:30 Friday afternoon. Besides chipping in for gas, I am treatinmg them to dinner. We are either stopping in Hope or Merritt for din-din. I hope its a truck stop!!!

My motel is located on the TRANS Canada Hwy no less so I've changed the name of the motel, at least for the weekend to Motel Trans, no folks not the infamous Motel Bates!

If I get lost or kidnapped, Colleen Hardwick has my details and has assured me she will send a posse out for me if I'm non-communicative! Sandra LaFramboise is also looking out for me (I hope)and she has my Motel number.

So stay tuned folks for my foray into small town British Columbia!

Jamie Lee Hamilton