Thursday, February 10, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


What is supposed to be a government looking after the peoples interests has evolved into what appears to be a dramatic soap opera based on plots, twists, testosterone pumping and now slap bitch attacks. This unfortunately could turn Vancouver City Council into the laughing stock of Canada.

The latest remarks by Councilor Woodsworth and Anne Roberts reported in the doesn't really address the fact that COPE has lost its way. Governing for the people seems to be the last thing on their minds these days.

It seems these two women have joined the ranks of their testosterone driven colleagues which long ago lost touch with their party. Their latest comments regarding one of their own, Fred Bass, are quite concerning. Councilor Ellen Woodsworth says it was 'completely innappropriate' for Mr Bass to address Mayor Campbell's juvenile and reckless behavior at a members meeting. One wonders where Mr Bass was to present the membership's concerns if not at a members meeting?

So with her ill-thought out comment, it now seems that Ms Woodsworth is the latest councilor in a string of back-stabbing councilors who have turned on their own party. In fairness to Councilor Woodsworth, perhaps she is running scared of what the election holds for her come this November. Is it possible that Ms Woodsworth sees a greener future with the bully boys of Council. If this is the case, this is indeed her loss.

You never make progress if you join the ranks of the oppressors. In fact, you only perpetuate this offensive type, hate driven behaviour. Since Ms Woodsworth is part of the gay and lesbian community and in light of the recent Aaron Webster debacle, she of all people should know better.

And Councilor Roberts let it be known that your comments are not 'helpful' to your party. What you accuse Councilor Bass of doing is the same thing you repeat yourself. To undress Mr Bass in such a public way as you do in the article is akin to a reckless drunk who gets behind the wheel of a car.

Why Councilor Roberts you would choose to publicly embarrass a man who has served this city very well--and with great integrity--as Councilor Bass has-- is really sad. Then your apology to the Mayor for comments made by Councilor Fred Bass is really embarrassing.

It seems to me the public has long endured the antics of your Mayor week in and week out and in public view. While not one of your team has spoken out--now one man bravely speaks out-- and what do you do? These actions seem to be repetitive of what you and your your sister councilor have once previously done. Remember your backtracking on equality for sex trade workers? When times get tough the electorate doesn't expect you to dive for cover.

When you entered politics I assume it was with the intention of serving the public in a respectful and dignified manner. Your latest blustery attacks with-in your own party proves to the electorate that you are not capable of governing with dignity and in a mature way.

Testosterone pumping and Bitch slapping are not cornerstones of democracy. Promoting what is in the public interest and good are!

Jamie Lee Hamilton