Thursday, January 25, 2007



Hi Folks

Today, I decided I needed a break from the Pickton news, however, will any of us be free from the atrocities committed?

So I invited my dear friend Sadie Kuehn and Jim Deva for lunch. Jim couldn't make it but Sadie could. Jim met us later after us ladies did lunch.

Going to Stepho's on Davie where I always head when I really need to be nourished. Sadie always appeases me and agrees to do Stepho's.

Over lunch, Sadie and I talk primarily of ways of addressing the injustices which are part of the Pickton trial. We both feel so ashamed of our fellow citizens who are tuning out. We concur that our law enforcement and political leaders have much answering to do over the horrific acts which has destroyed lives and ruined the image of picturesque Vancouver.

So where to start on seeking and finding answers to ensure justice prevails? We agree that a fact finding mission has to occur. Some may call it a public inquiry, a commission or whatever it is called, this must happen now.

Of course, I understand the organizing of bringing folks together to push for action will be hard work. That's ok though since this must be done if Vancouver wants to find healing.

I think most citizens agree on one thing. That others not currently charged in the Pickton Nightmare have been involved in the barbaric degradation of vulnerable women at the Pickton farm.

Witnesses will come forward, scapegoating Pickton so they can remain free.

The crown will be working diligently to ensure Pickton pays the price for these horrible crimes. The defence will use whatever legal defence it can to ensure Mr. Pickton has the fairest trial possible. And so they should since everyone must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

But and this is a big but here folks. Should we be rewarding those who are also culpable in these crimes against humanity and let me be very clear here. These are Crimes against Humanity and we cannot turn a blind eye or agree to allow others to walk free so that Justice can be seen to have been done.

We need a fact finding mechanism because already issues are coming out of this trial that this trial cannot answer. Horrible things went wrong and others not charged had knowledge of criminal acts committed.

People need to be held to account and they won't be with this trial because the Crown is relying on these disgusting individuals to assist them to seal Pickton's fate.

At a time of crises we expect our leaders to act for the greater public good. What's in the Public interest is to find answers on how we allowed this complete degradation of society to occur.

Please dear fellow citizens, don't turn a blind eye to this carnage or walk away. Your intervention is required. We must hold our political leaders to account to ensure Truth comes from what has been absolute madness and mayhem at that isolated pig farm.

Tomorrow you will see an eye opening piece on the Province website. This will shine a Lens on others involvement and this is why parliamentarians must respond to what is mounting up to be a travesty of justice.

Jamie Lee Hamilton