Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Yesterday, I was invited to attend a welcoming reception for Fierte Pride Canada, held at Drew Dickinson and Vance Campbell's Oasis Cocktail lounge. Fierte Pride is a national body which has representatives from across Canada sitting on its board. The event was well attended with many politicos present.

Senator Larry Campbell was the guest speaker and he wore his usual trademark kilt to the bash. As is the case with the Honourable Senator, he was once again, his funny self. When he is allowed to shine and in a personal setting, his bullying ways evaporate and he is quite charming. Or perhaps the added charm was a result of needing to impress the younger woman who joined him part way through the evening. While I have major disagreements with the senator, he still pushes my buttons with his stage act. My gosh, the guy is hilarious and he really should entertain a career as a stand up comic. But I hope the Senator does something about that kilt. Retire it for more conservative events like the Car show he attended earlier in the day. When making appearances within the gay community, I hope he considers a custom designed kilt crafted by local Legendary designer, Benoit. I'd love to see the Senator wearing a fabulous rainbow adorned kilt with perhaps some sequins and a feather or two and of course the NEW YOUNGER LADY FRIEND can be the accessory. And of course in a gesture of goodwill, my profound sympathies to the Senator on his SPLIT.

Dr Hedy Fry, our Member of Parliament for Van-Centre and staunch supporter of gay rights, flew into Vancouver, especially for this event. She awakened the audience with a rousing speech and looked fabulous doing so. Ms Fry informed us that she needed to be back at YVR at 8pm for a trip back to Ottawa. I truly admire the tenacity and stamina of Dr Fry. She never appears tired and is always ready to support the GLBT communities whenever they come calling. Thanks to her Senior Political Assistant, Barb Snelgrove, herself a past Pride board member who always ensures Hedy is on time and on topic. Thanks Barb.

Notable Legends at the event included Little Sisters owner, Jim Deva and manager, Dame Janine Fuller. Janine was sporting a new haircut to match her newly minted Damehood (a camp title bestowed by the Imperial Monarchists of Vancouver). Present was Vancouver's newly elected Emperor, Glenn Anderson who was just crowned two weeks ago at the annual coronation ball.

I love my daddy DEVA and I love hanging out with him, especially, while taking in the many merry sights and sounds of Vancouver. Last night was no exception. I always have a much better time when the Deva is around.

Speaking of sights, XtraWest reporter, Matt Mills, and Publisher, Ken Hinkling arrived fashionably late and both these handsome men were rushing off to the washroom to relieve themselves. Although Matt informed us his late arrival was due to his hair trimming appointment, methinks though that these boys were off somewhere else having a gay old time. Let's hear it for the boys one more time. Well at least Matt and Ken who are gems in our community.

Other media present was award winning Vancouver Courier reporter, Sandra Thomas, who never misses these receptions. The girl is everywhere and partner, Lawrence, arrived much later after the car show with two co-workers of his who looked devilishly debonair in their Armani suits. These men treated us to dinner at the Oasis. Stimulating conversations and tall tales of their working trips for a major Car Distributorship provided many laughs throughout the evening.

Barry Piersdorff, no stranger to our community, who works for Outlooks magazine as their western representative, had camera in tow and was busily snapping away. Never one to miss a photo opp, I'm more than happy to oblige Barry. Barry previously served on the Pride board as treasurer and did an amazing job. Of course, I have such a fondness for money men.

Girl about town and former COPE park board candidate, Jenn McGinn was in attendance and looking snappy. She informed our little group that she has left her Executive Director position at Britannia Community Centre and moved up the street to become an Account manager at VanCity Community Business Banking. She is heading up the Non-Profit segment and VanCity is lucky to have Jenn. Oh I love money girls too!

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without Pride board President, John Boychuk and his Vice-President, Aviva, unveiling the theme of this years celebration, Pride in the City. John was excellent, MC'ing the event and enticing the Senator and MP to attend. I think people will soon be hearing big things from John. Stay tuned.

It was wonderful speaking to Fierte Pride President, Raymond, about the trademark matter. Raymond who came all the way from Halifax, providing a stirring speech.

Oh and its wonderful seeing the younger community members participating in the affairs of the community. There was a number of young gay males at the reception who were having a ball. But really Idris Hudson, I do hope you show me your talents soon. I heard through the grapevine that your emerging creativity as a filmmaker is something to watch out for. Remind me when that party is again?

Jamie Lee Hamilton