Monday, August 04, 2008


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Vancouver, BC

The Amazing Red Truck Party

Well Pride has come and gone and by all accounts everyone had a blast. A continuing refrain I hear is the commercial aspect of Pride but I guess our parade has now grown so much it has become the City's parade and is in fact, a parade that everyone wants to watch and be seen in.

I had many duties as a Pride board member which kept me very busy all week but a number of pride moments stand out for me.

Emceeing the Aging with Pride at the 411 Seniors centre was a day that brought great joy and one I will forever cherish.

Introducing the 1984 documentary Hookers on Davie is another Pride memory I will fondly remember. Listening to the audience feedback and their happiness that this film was even shown cements in my mind that our community continues to celebrate inclusion and justice.

Hosting the Terry Wallace memorial Pride breakfast was a heart-warming experience. As we honoured a beloved member of our community I was happy to be asked by the Transmission movie crew to provide a retrospective of Terry's life. Terry Wallace, lovingly known as Papa to many of us was this incredibly sweet, loving, caring and gentle man who gave so much to our community. Terry's sister Pat Wallace and her husband Roger were in attendance and the opportunity to spend time with them brought joy.

On Pride Sunday, I had to skip the parade as I was requested by the Pride President to host the 30 Historic markers of Pride tent.

From 9:30am until 6:30pm I conversed with parade goers, informed them of our histories and legacies. I watched with joy as people lovingly perused the 30 historic posters on display. What a wonderful day and my job was made easier having the handsome Aaron Jasper, park board candidate for Vision right beside me. Aaron was hosting the West End Residents Association tent with Brent Granby. Aaron wanted to be in a good spot so I provided permission for him to reign with me on the hill. Thanks Mr Jasper for sharing this day with me. It was wonderful meeting your beautiful wife.

With my work duties completed, I was invited by Maxine's Hideaway and Idris to attend their dance party. A fabulous fun event.

Later on I was whisked away for another great party at Mark and Allie James Southlands home. The opportunity to mingle with many prominent guests at the Red Truck party was awesome. A number of Mark and Allie's guests had attended the parade and it was wonderful hearing their viewpoints of our GLBT community parade. It warms my heart knowing the respect these prominent families of the westside have for my community.

The sensational Jacqui Cohen was in attendance at the Red Truck event and of course as usual was smashingly beautiful. We had a nice chat and I encouraged her to enter Army and Navy in next year's parade. She was agreeable and this really made me happy.

Running into the glamorous Tina Oliver at Red Truck was an added bonus. This woman is a brilliant political strategist. If you are looking to hire a public affairs consultant hire Tina, she is amazing.

Of course my Red Truck evening was made all the more special because Jonathan James was up from Los Angeles and we hadn't seen each other for quite some time. I love this sweet sweet man. What a gem. I'm truly blessed to have friends like the James family who continually provide charitale gift giving to the poorer residents and needy children of this City.

Today I finally got back to campaigning and hosted my BC day High Tea with the Queen. Many wonderful friends attended including former City Councillor Alan Herbert. What a way to end the week's festivities surrounded by dear friends and love.

Much love and appreciation go out to my hardworking campaign crew, Michelle, Marc, Shauna, Johnny Walker, Rob, Saul and Stacey.

I really encourage my supporters and friends to obtain NPA memberships so they can support me at the September 13 NPA nomination.

August 13 is the cut-off date for memberships in order to vote at the September 13 nomination meeting so please visit the NPA website, download and fill out your membership form. Here is the link

Jamie Lee Hamilton