Saturday, June 26, 2004

Stonewall 35 at City Hall, Equality&Justice

Downtown Eastside
Vancouver, BC

Hi All,

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable day at City Hall for the Stonewall celebration. This was my first time back at City Hall since I had moved city councillors to adopt safe work spaces for sex trade workers. As some of you are aware, city councillors a few days later did a complete flip-flop and reversed their vote. Oh well the short lived victory nevertheless was bittersweet. Speaking of bitter betties those of us on the panel were seated in city councillor chairs in council chambers for our roundtable. Councillor Jim Green when passing by me informed me I was sitting in his chair. Well all I can say is I'm glad it was his chair and not his lap!

The Stonewall do at City Hall involved esteemed panel members including yours truly, talking about equality. Candidates present who are running in the federal election included Shirley Chan, Hedy Fry, Kennedy Stewart and Libby Davies. It was a lively discussion and I recall activists Harry Gruntsky and Libby Davies laying claim to 'our equality'. I reminded Harry and Libby that they might enjoy Equality, however, many members of our community Do Not. Transsexuals are still without protection under our Human Rights Codes, I then reminded everyone present of the Kimberly Nixon case. Kim as many viewers are aware, has a case before the courts on an issue of Equality. This case is vitally important and when voting on Monday, please remember to vote in a government who I believe will ensure Our Charter Rights prevail in this country! Stop Harper and Save Canada!

Today I will be at the Stonewall celebrations hosting the Shirley Chan contingent. So please stop by our table in Grandview Park which is located on Commercial Drive between Charles and William streets.

Speaking of Equality and Justice, I now have a poll on my blog. Its called Donut-Gate. Some of you might be aware last week, while manning the Shirley Chan table at Main and Hastings, I shared with my poor neighbours, fabulous Donuts. This upset our competition who lodged an official complaint with elections Canada. The ruling from EC went in my favour, so please take time to vote in my poll on my blog

Happy Stonewall everyone!!!! Cheers Jamie Lee