Thursday, September 23, 2004


Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside


Hi All,

Does everyone wonder why the Downtown Eastside is in the mess its in? Just look at what DERA has done. Please see the following interesting piece that aired on CKNW - JLH

Marr Hotel residents all have homes September, 22 - 2:51 PM VANCOUVER(CKNW/AM980) -- It appears the Downtown Eastside Residents Association doesn't want the city to know that all the residents at the Marr Hotel - who will be displaced by it's closure in October - have found alternate housing.A letter written on DERA stationery and addressed to the Marr Tenants Committee says "We have found low income housing for everyone, so don't worry. However, we still want to force the city's hand and see if we can't get you social housing. If the city comes in, don't tell them DERA can get you housing - we want social housing."David Cunningham - a DERA employee - admits writing the letter. He says we believe it's the city's responsibility to move people into decent low income housing such as deep core social housing or what not. Councillor Jim Green can't believe DERA would encourage Marr tenants to lie to the city. Green says "I think that's a heck of way to deal with residents of the Downtown Eastside who usually are very straight up people who don't do that kind of activity." Green says some members of DERA also encouraged those living in tent cities last year not to accept housing from the city.