Sunday, October 17, 2004


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Hi All!

Last night, the people chose to stay with an municipal electoral system that isn't broken. While the vote turn-out was higher than expected, I still have grave concerns that the ruling party COPE embarked on an unecessary campaign that didn't produce what they had hoped for. Memo to COPE--wasting the taxpayers money is not democracy.

Having been part of the KNOWARDS coalition has been an enjoyable experience. We were a small but mighty group. We embarked on a grassroots campaign that took hold. This to me is Real Democracy--the result-- the people have spoken. We love our City and did it for our city. We won!!!

Kudos in particlular to Councilor Sam Sullivan who led us into battle. Sam kept us inspired!Congratulations to our campaign manager Colin Metcalfe who kept us focused and on message!

Now I hope, the city gets on with the real problems at hand. Fixing the Downtown Eastside must be a number one concern. It must be a priority of this COPE government. Hovering on the horizon is the way our public officials act in public.

I have been extremely disappointed in Mayor Larry Campbell's recent actions. Engaging in public screaming matches is no way for an elected official to act. Mayor Campbell needs to get his act together. Otherwise if he doesn't I suspect the voters will show him the door.

To the YES for wards group, congratulations for not acting like your Mayor. Darlene Mazari and Mel Lehan led their team and did an admirable job.

Now let's move on with fixing the real problems in our City!

To the people who voted I say Thank You!

Now I want to enjoy this victory!

I also want to expose injustices.

Kelly MacDonald, the police board member who, left with no other recourse chose to resign from the board. Ms Maconald as an aboriginal woman had made history and its really unfortunate and troubling what has happened.

The elected Vancouver council must address this issue. As a friend to Ms MacDonald, I want to thank her for serving our city for two years. She truly was a voice for minorities and the marginalized. I believe in a few days Ms MacDonald will go public with her facts.


Jamie Lee Hamilton
(604) 781-3361