Sunday, April 12, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Yesterday I attended the day of celebration for Wendy Ladner-Beaudry. I only met Ms Beaudry-Ladner once through her brother Peter Ladner and like most other people in this City, I was shocked and angry that Wendy Ladner-Beaudry encountered such extreme violence just over a week ago which tragically ended her life.

The setting yesterday for the celebration of Wendy Beaudry's life was in the aptly named Life Sciences centre at UBC. Over one thousand people from all walks of life gathered with many of us standing in this great hall listening to the numerous and very moving tributes for Wendy Ladner-Beaudry.

Peter Ladner emceed the tribute to his sister and many people from the sporting world offered moving and passionate tributes.

Ms Ladner-Beaudry's husband Michel fondly reminisced about meeting his future wife and the great times they shared together over a span of twenty eight years. Mr Beaudry wrapped his delivery by singing a song which he talked through called You are My Sunshine. It seemed so fitting.

Many close friends of Ms Ladner-Beaudry spoke providing glimpses of Wendy's life and the constant theme was how she inspired others through her work in the field of sport.

Ms Ladner-Beaudry had befriended some single Moms at the Food Bank where she volunteered. She encouraged them to train for their first Sun run. She managed to get them good running shoes and these women alongside Peter Ladner this weekend will be running in Wendy's memory.

Ms Ladner-Beaudry two beautiful daughters Jenna and Maya spoke about how caring, loving and fabulous a Mother they were graced with. Jenna and Maya delivered moving tributes which there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. The Ladner-Beaudry daughters shared how their beautiful Mother always prepared them for the various stages in their lives and now while life will be difficult they feel prepared for the challenges and life ahead.

I was amazed at how calm Jenna and Maya appeared but again this is due to their Mother's strong influence. While these girls must feel enormous pain it was obvious that they wanted this day to be about the positive influences of their Mom's life and not about the way it ended.

With this positive theme emerging throughout the afternoon, rounding out the tributes was a emotional tribute by Wendy's sister Nancy and Pasley who used stones, sand and tea to show that stones and sand pass through our lives and are not the important things but that making time for friends, family and loved ones is everything. The tea symbolized how we must make time for friends and family and always remember to have a great cup of tea with those really important in our lives.

While yesterday and the days, weeks and years ahead will be about the positive contributions made by Wendy Ladner-Beaudry and her family, this City from the affluent Shaughnessy district to the Downtown Eastside remains steadfast and united in our desire to see justice done.

Ms Ladner-Beaudry's legacy to this City is about peace, charity and goodwill to others. We must always strive to remember all that she stood for and assist others less fortunate just as she did. That's the real measurement of Justice and that is the gift Ms Ladner-Beaudry provided this City.

Jamie Lee Hamilton