Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Editor Sean Condon
Megaphone Magazine

I can't believe Megaphone magazine is caught up in the hysteria around the Olympics causing an increase in sex trade trafficking and prostitution.

There is data from International anti-trafficking groups such as Global Alliance against Trafficking in Women (GAATW) which say there is no evidence to back up ludicrous claims that the Olympics increase trafficking in women.

The well respected GAATW which is based out of Bangkok met with the VPD and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and conveyed this information.

Will there be more migrant Sex Workers during the Olympics? Probably yes as this already occurs during the year when migrant sex workers travel to meet clients in different cities and countries.

You reference REED, a local religious-based group with its origins from the USA in your article. This group is comprised of Abolitionists/Prohibitionists. They have the nerve to refer to themselves as Advocates for Sex Workers. This is horrible distortion considering every sex worker that I know would never accept those who want to eliminate their work environment as advocates for them.

I know Megaphone has subsidized offices in one of the Portland Hotel's buildings and the Portland Hotel has always been very supportive of sex trade workers rights. The Portland supports de-criminalization and a harm-reduction approach to this issue so I find it offensive that your magazine presents pure Abolitionist propaganda which unfortunately further creates a hostile environment for sex trade workers attempting to survive.

Shame on Megaphone and shame on you Sean Condon for presenting this trashy piece of journalism.

Jamie Lee Hamilton