Saturday, October 22, 2005


Campaign Stuff


Hi All,

I had a great time today as I took my Queen of Hearts campaign to the Heart of Commercial Drive. With me were four wonderful volunteers (Nancy, Audrey, Mike and Pega) who assisted me in spreading my message. It was a busy day and I would like to thank the owner, Ralph Ferrier of Eternal Abundance who allowed me to set up a table and campaign. Thanks Ralph!

It was wonderful listening to Grandview area residents who are concerned over Drug Addiction, Poverty, Property Crime, Lack of Affordable Housing, the Olympics and the twinning of the Port Mann bridge. These issues are near and dear to my Heart and to engage the citizens of Grandview was enriching. We have so much in common. There was one angry citizen who was belligerent over my airing of matters related to Jim Green. She was absolutely hostile but then again I've come to expect that from certain Councillor Green supporters. It is interesting though that so many voters are not aware of Mr. Green being an American born citizen.
In any event, a truly terrific day and the positive feedback regarding the Queen of Hearts campaign was heartwarming.

Thank You Grandview residents for allowing me to spend time with you in your neighborhood. The Drive always Shines and today was no exception.

Jamie Lee Hamilton