Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mean-Spirited Board to close Children's Petting ZooBoard

Oldtown News
Vancouver BC

Mean-Spirited Board to close Children's Petting Zoo

Once again our Park Board seems to have its priorities wrong. The role of Park Board is to maintain park spaces for the well-being of the citizens and which the public can enjoy.

Last night the Park Board voted to close the Children's petting Zoo and farmyard in Stanley Park yet voted to save the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.

This move reeks of political favouritism as the Vision controlled board along with the lone COPE Commissioner are attempting to appeal to the affluent westside voter.

It is no secret that lower income children on the Eastside obtain great joy by visiting the petting zoo and farmyard. They learn a great deal about farm animals and now this little bit of oasis is being taken away from them

The Vision board cites budget constraints for the closure of the children's petting zoo yet it should be noted that the Mayor who obtained a new luxurious expanded office spends the same amount on what it would take to keep the farmyard open.

It really seems that our politicians have their political priorities wrong and this mean-spirited move by Park board reeks to high heaven.

This spiteful move against the City's children will not go unnoticed by voters.

Jamie Lee Hamilton