Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Sean Orr is an influential member of the APC Gang. On numerous occasions, I have delighted in exposing Mr Orr and the APC being without any deep political analysis. They are just a bunch of idiots stirring up trouble.

I have pointed out a number of times that Sean Orr who shouts off his mouth at Beyond Robson is a political hypocrite. I cited a number of examples and Mr Orr accused me of libel. What a joke.

The latest bit of hypocrisy from the potty-mouthed Mr. Orr is his now support of the proposed Waterfront Stadium/Entertainment Facility on our public port lands.

Mr Orr doesn't get it. Port lands should remain in public hands. Moreover, this last piece of undeveloped waterfront land should never be turned over to private interests. The public must have a say in how public land is used.

Make no mistake folks, with this proposed private stadium and because the developer bought up other air rights along the waterfront, a proposed destination casino will not be far behind.

The Oldtown community long before Mr Orr or APC appeared, fought off the proposed Seaport Casino. We didn't want a destination casino and we don't want the proposed stadium.

Mr. Orr claims that the area of Oldtown will not change until developers are allowed to re-develop it. Wrong again Mr Orr. There is a difference between good development and bad development. The proposed Waterfront Stadium/Entertainment Facility would be bad development. Too bad you don't get this.

Public lands should always remain in the public hands so it can be used for the benefit and enjoyment of ALL citizens.

A proposed private stadium/entertainment facility on our Waterfront? Absolutely not!

Jamie Lee Hamilton