Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oldtown News

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

I thought it was time to change the name of my blog. Its always fun to spruce things up a bit so that's what I'm doing. Much of my writing has focused on community, neighborhood and political news in the historic oldtown areas of Vancouver, BC so beginning today, Sunday, March 4, hence the new name, Oldtown News.

I will continue bringing that unique tidbit of news which the daily press could care less about. And in terms of writing, once again, I bring you primarily original pieces, including commentary.

I find that I don't need to bring you news from other media, unlike what a number of other blogging outfits do. I suspect most of my readers visit my site to see what I'm up to or they like my provocative style of writing. Of course, from time to time, I tick people off when I express my viewpoints but to me that is what writing is all about. In fact, I do not allow individuals to leave personal attacks in my comments section of this site. I don't believe my readers want to see that gutter style of writing, however, its my understanding that another local blog site does allow those who have personalize axes to grind to leave comments on their site. And that blog site is currently seeking bloggers to write for them, of course without pay. Talk about exploitation of workers.

This next week, I have a busy schedule. On Tuesday, March, 6, 2007 I'm at UBC for a guest lecture. The lovely Dr. Becki Ross will be picking me up and driving me out to the campus. We can catch up on news. I love presenting at Becki's class as her students are so enlightened and this is due to the students have an amazing professor!

On March 19, I'll be attending the PRIDE Special General Meeting. There will be an election of a new board of directors. The community feels it necessary as a result of a few omissions or unaccepted filings regarding their non-profit status. Will post more on this after the meeting.

I'll be working at the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society this next week with a new intern, Brooks. He has come from Calgary and we are planning a fundraiser for the AMCS. We are hoping to bring in a big name. So stay tuned for more on this later. I may even ask former Mayor Philip Owen to MC the evening.

Speaking of names in the City, previously, in late spring, I had chastised two local Gay businessmen for converting an affordable Rooming house into an all male Gay Tourist Hotel. It was interesting that Councillor Tim Stevenson, who is gay, spoke not a peep about this brazen move but here he is now championing the need for affordable housing for lower income citizens. Well I am happy to report that this Tourist Hotel about a month ago has closed its doors, due to I'm told, a lack of business. Perhaps the City may explore purchasing this Hotel as a way to address homelessness in Vancouver. I'm certain that this Hotel meets acceptable standards of maintenance by-laws and since it was recently renovated, the City wouldn't need to do any work on it.

Well that's it for today folks.

Jamie Lee Hamilton