Saturday, November 26, 2005


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Thank You to our VPD

In this weekend's edition of the Vancouver Courier, James "Brown" Green who ran for Mayor is featured on the cover. Please see Bravo for Mr. James "Brown" Green as he demonstrates class even in defeat. Its too bad the other Green can't do the same.

In fact, the American loser, the developer Jim Green, is sticking to an absurd pipe dream that there is some untold conspiracy and therefore this supposed conspiracy denied him the Mayoralty. Of course, Mr. Green does not cite facts or provide concrete examples of what this supposed conspiracy is.

When will Jim Green the sore loser give up on his grand delusions? Unfortunately for us, probably not any time soon. Because as history has shown, whenever Mr. Green, doesn't get his way, he becomes hell bent on destroying whatever it is which he believes wronged him. In this case it was losing the Mayor's race and as such, he is out to get even with everyone who denied him--his Mayoral dream.

This sadly includes the winner and our new Mayor elect, Mr. Sam Sullivan and of course Mr. James "Brown" Green. The Citizens of the City are also on the radar of Mr. Green and he will stop at nothing to get even with us. Remember 71,000 voters voted against him and to Mr. Green this is treasonous behavior.

I really hope Mr. Green is without influence and power, because otherwise he will attempt to destroy our cherished city.

But is he without power and influence?

Many anonymous sources, including former friends, believe the American Jim Green, will attempt to destabilize the democratically elected municipal government led by Mr. Sam Sullivan. His means of accomplishing this goal they say, will be through the municipal workforce who are unionized employees. Of course, the Union representing these civic workers donated heavily to the Jim Green diVision campaign. Another group with strong ties to Jim Green's diVision campaign are our municipal Firefighters, who donated bigtime to the dysfunctional campaign of Mr. Jim Green. They even rented a replica firetruck and constantly drove the city with big signs promoting Mr. Jim Green. Of course, these Firefighters are unionized and part of the civic workforce. And I never thought I'd see the day when Firefighters got into the business of being political Propagandists.

Luckily, for this city, our Vancouver Police Department did not insert themselves into the civic campaign and remained neutral during the hotly contested campaign. As such they will continue to be non-partisan in their approaches to public order and safety issues. I wish I could say the same for the firefighters. Kudos to the police for remaining free of partisan politics.

I think this City should be aware of Mr. Jim Green and his antics. Simply put he is a menace and our City's well being depends on Mr. Green not being able to destroy our beautiful city.

How will Mr. Green be able to wreck havoc on our city you ask?

Well most likely I doubt he can accomlish his goal through obtaining employment vis-a-vis the development industry and and his power would be weakened in this respect. So then what is next for Mr. Green?

Power is everything to Mr. Green and if you subscribe to the game of chance, expect Mr. Green, to seek political office. Its the only way he can wield his club to get even with those who didn't support him.

With the federal election fast approaching, Mr. Green, may decide to stab Svend Robinson in the back and seek the nomination for the NDP in the riding of Vancouver-Centre.

Mr. Green knows that the NDP (the party he belongs to and who supplied him with his paid campaign staff) will most likely hold the balance of power in a minority government. Most political observers believe we are heading for another minority Government.

Of course, sitting as an MP would provide Mr. Green a power base and many perks including a big ole fat pension, to match his pork-pie hat. Of course the opportunity to play Russian roulette will make him a very happy man. His best friend Senator Larry Campbell is already making the rounds in Ottawa, lapping up the egg-nog and upon request, preparing the Ottawa entry for Mr. Green.

With a new deal for Cities, Mr. Green will angle to be the federal representative on the Vancouver Agreement, which is the political pork-barreling arm that provides the necessary funds to Vancouver for the badly needed social programs and social housing needs. This is the mechanism Mr. Green will use to wreck havoc on our new Mayor and eventually our City.

I hope with all my heart folks that I am wrong. But just look at how Mr. Green is acting regarding his loss. Of course, I'm certain we all wish Mr. Green and his family the happiest of the season.

Jamie Lee Hamilton