Sunday, June 20, 2004

Davies Camp Sinks to new Low

Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside


Hi all,

Yesterday, my friends and I got together and set up a table outside Carnegie centre to lobby Downtown Eastside residents to vote. We provided a Downtown Eastside lawyer to swear affadavits so poor people could exercise their democratic right. We handed out doughnuts to the hungry and this has riled up the Libby Davies camp. In response to our successful Doughnut Canvass, an official complaint was launched with the Returning Officer for the federal riding of Van-East.

I suspect Libby Davies, who sat for well over an hour just steps away from our group, feels that we were vote buying and this is why a complaint was launched. Interesting to note, Ms Davies had two lawyers at her table. They were Ruth Herman and Gail Davidson who like our lawyer Don Morrison were swearing affadavits.

What my group, many of us Shirley Chan supporters were doing, was engaging poor people in the political process. We made the decision to do this over sharing of food, namely doughnuts. It sort of like breaking bread. Yet it appears Ms Davies thinks poor people can be bought off with a doughnut and this is why a complaint was lodged. Sadly this type of backwater thinking on Ms Davies part demonstrates how far she has sunk in losing her common touch with people of the Downtown Eastside. Further Ms Davies is out to lunch if she thinks people in poverty can be so easily bought off. It shows a complete disrespect for poor peoples' integrity and Ms Davies should be ashamed. Libby Davies needs to apologize to Downtown Eastsiders for her callousness in thinking that their vote is up for sale. Her complaint to the Returning Officer at best is Half-Baked and next time she Whines lets hope she provides Cheese.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
(604) 781-3361