Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Last evening, I attended the Volunteer recognition evening for supporters who assisted with the NPA campaign. It was wonderful to see how a political party truly appreciates the hard work of its grassroots. That to me is representative of how a political party should be!

Many NPA notables were in attendance including NPA Grande Dame, Lynne Kennedy. I adore Lynne and we were able to share many secrets about the municipal race. Those tidbits of information shall remain top secret!

All of the NPA candidates for council were in attendance, thanking those hardworking volunteers who ensured their success. Presiding over the hoopla was Greg Wilson, NPA campaign manager numero uno, who was doling out the complimentary liquor tickets. Thank You Greg for all the hard work that you do! And those who did not make the team this time were in attendance. You are all a class act and never give up on your dreams!

I was finally able to meet Mike Hillman, the chief political strategist for the NPA campaign. What a nice man! And speaking of gentlemen, the wonderful Abraham was present, sharing many stories of his life with me. This man is simply amazing and I adore him! And he is the only man I know who really only needs one name. Abraham, I'm coming after you so watch out!

Unfortunately, Brita and Philip Owen were not in attendance but this former First Couple did more than their share of work to ensure that Sam Sullivan achieved his Mayoral dream. Thank You B and P!

So no real gossip to share other than CouncilWoman Suzanne Anton actually wore a suit with stockings. She looked very Chanel like!

Thanks to the NPA for appreciating and looking after your grassroots members. That token of appreciation is a testament to your caring!

Jamie Lee