Saturday, July 26, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well you know the campaign season has started when politicians and those vying for political office begin staking out their positions and where they stand on the political spectrum.

In the Vancouver Courier this week, NPA Mayoral nominee and City Councillor, Peter Ladner, mentioned that Vision's David Eby was far-left. Interesting position that Councillor Ladner has taken and I suspect this strategic move was planned to demonstrate to voters where the various candidates stand on the political spectrum. Of course David Eby of came out swinging.

NPA Park commissioner, Marty Zlotnik has decided after much deliberation to seek re-election.

On a personal level for me, the entry of Commissioner Zlotnik makes the Park Board race more competitive.

My work is cut out for me since there are numerous candidates vying for the 3 spots left on the NPA Parks slate. While challenging, I never believed standing for an NPA endorsement would in any event be easy.

In life, I've never been a quitter, and while my Queen of the Parks campaign places me in the underdog position, I am giving it my best shot.

To my readers and supporters please take out a membership in the NPA and join my campaign as the Queen and her troops go into battle. Please see my website for details on taking out a membership

The Queen of the Parks campaign website has just gone live. If you want to add your name to a list of supporters please send me a message and I will be thrilled to add you.

Jamie Lee Hamilton