Thursday, June 24, 2004


Vancouver, BC

June 24th, 2004

Libby Davies Needs to Set the Record Straight - Fear
of Being Gay or Not

I had to write this because Ms Davies early on in the
Van-East campaign accused Ms Chan of being homophobic
and my post will challenge whether it is Ms Davies who
might be having problems around the homosexual issue.
If people lived here in this city for any period of
time, they would know that Shirley Chan and Mayor Mike
Harcourt proclaimed the first ever Gay Pride Day in
1981. Often Shirley accompanied Mayor Mike, around
town to the various Gay Functions. Moreover, she has
loads of gay and transsexual friends and this doesn't
sound like a homophobic person to me.

So for Davies to claim Ms Chan is homophobic is
disrespectful, puzzling and kinda sad. But first some
background on Libby. How long did Ms Davies live in a
heterosexual relationship. Well to be exact, it was
for sure 24 years with her late husband Bruce Eriksen.
So while Shirley Chan was visiting, learning about and
supporting the gay community, Libby was I assume
either in the closet while presenting to the world her
heterosexual status in society or perhaps the other
possibility is she wasn't Gay at all. However, since
announcing in 2001 that she is now in a same sex
relationship but not desiring to identify as Lesbian,
I think this posturing raises some concern for the
GLBT communities. Whether Ms Davies has some
internalized fear about being Gay, I think is open for
debate and since Ms Davies is seeking re-election, the
proper place for this discussion should be in this
campaign and as a public figure, I think voters have a
right to know the straight goods on their politicians.
I also think Shirley Chan should be free to voice her
opinion and challenge whether in fact, Libby might be
internally troubled by her now homosexual status.

Ask any sociologist and they will confirm that someone
who is homosexual often has difficulty accepting it.
Whether Ms Davies has personal issues to reflect on or
consider I guess is a matter of personal preference
for her. But it needs to be clearly stated, being Gay,
Lesbian or Transsexual is not normally a matter of
choice. Ms Davies needs to realize she is angering
many in the queer community with her stance of 'well I
might be in a same sex relationship now but that
doesn't mean I will be forever. Nor does it mean I'm a
lesbian. For now it works for me and that is what
matters'. Ms Davies should be embarrassed for even
voicing this opinion. Its really sad that a supposed
progressive women like her would digress to such a
troubling position. Hence, I need to pose this, is the
Davies positioning on this issue not that far removed
from the extreme factions in society who claim that
homosexuality can be cured and that its an issue of
choice around being homosexual. Ms Davies needs to set
the record straight. To not do so is cheating voters
in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered

Jamie Lee Hamilton

Tomorrow June 25th many of us will be celebrating
Stonewall. Stonewall is known as the founding of the
gay rights movement and as I'm sitting here thinking
about the meaning of gayness, I am bothered by the
possibility of a Stephen Harper led regime. Moreover
at this time, I am thinking of my dear departed frends
whose lives ended far too early without reaching their
full potential. For this I am profoundly sad.
Tomorrow many community hero's have been invited to
celebrate Stonewall at city hall. Many passionate
activists like Libby Davies and yours truly will
participate in a Roundtable Discussion. The gathering
begins at 10:30 am at City Hall. Everyone is invited
so if you have time please join us for the
festivities. I hope though after publishing this post
that I will be treated civilly by Davies supporters at
City Hall. I guess though this will depend how they
take my most recent post. In any event, Tomorrow let
us all join together and celebrate our differences,
our desires and our Dreams! Cheers JL