Thursday, July 13, 2006



Well folks my chosen candidate, Chief Bill Wilson was not able to secure the National Chief of the AFN position. Its unfortunate because Bill is a brilliant man who can think on his feet, doesn't need highly paid special advisors around and he really cares for his people. Many in Indian country complain that Bill is a hardliner who doesn't compromize enough.

This criticism is unfair. First, Chief Bill Wilson was the second aboriginal person to graduate from law school at UBC. This is historic in itself. The first of course was Judge Alfred Scow. Bill Wilson negotiated the only amendment to Canada's constitution. He had easy relationships with two Prime Ministers. Those being Hon Pierre Trudeau and Hon Brian Mulroney. Mr. Wilson paved the way for the treaty process and land claims. He is an expert negotiator and didn't need paid staff telling him what to say or do.

Bill, has a platform for success. This includes Treaties Not treachery. Respect Not intimidation. Principles Not programmes and Land Not welfare.

Unfortunately many of the Chiefs across Canada did not choose Chief Wilson's vision.

They chose to remain with the staus quo. Not to take anything away from Chief Phil Fontaine who secured another three year term as AFN Chief. I honestly don't believe his style of leadership is working for our people. Sure, it may benefit the Chiefs but just look at the plight of my people. Conditions keep getting worse and worse for on-reserve and off-reserve natives.

Its time now for a new generation of leadership in Indian Country. There needs to be a fundamental shift away from the cozy relationships many Aboriginal leaders have with the government.

First Nations must be full and equal partners in Canada. Until this happens, we are left without Equality and Justice.

To Chief Wilson, you are my hero! Keep Shining!

Jamie Lee Hamilton