Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Tonight at the Vancouver Rowing Club, I had the opportunity to attend former City Councillor Tim 'Che' Louis big 50 birthday.

Organized by Tim's better half, the equally amazing Dr Penny Parry, this shindig brought out a who's who of socialist progressives in the City.

Little Sisters co-owner Jim Deva was in attendance and really enjoying himself among the 300 folks gathered to pay tribute to Tim Louis. Former Councillor Anne Roberts, who I shared a hug and some pretty interesting talk around the state of municipal politics appeared relaxed and enjoying her time away from politics. Also having a terrific time was former Park Commissioner Anita Romaniuk who after a few years of retirement is gearing up for another run at Park Board this November.

Scattered throughout the Rowing Club were many friendly faces who I haven't spoken with in what seems like ages.

Kits resident and all-around nice guy Mel Lehan toasted Tim Louis as did many others. I especially enjoyed Mel's stirring account of how the sometimes acerbic Lawyer met his adoring, doting and beautiful partner. Mel talked about the incredible respect Tim Louis has always displayed toward others and while a few columnists around town like to take potshots at Tim due to his socialist values, it was pretty clear among the birthday well wishers in the Rowing Club what a humanitarian Tim Louis really is. This City loves this man.

Dr Fred Bass also shared some interesting information on his and Tim's time together on Council and this brought lots of laughs, especially when Fred took a few potshots at former colleagues.

Vancouver East Republic columnist Reed Eurchuk mingled among the crowd and was as usual, very charming. What a genuine man. Thanks for the drink Reed.

I ran into old friend Marcel Hatch who designed my entire municipal campaign in 1999 and who now leads the very successful Canadian Cuba tours. What a sweet sweet man. I realized how much I've missed seeing him.

Also attending was Hastings Sunrise neighborhood Diva, the very elegant and beautiful Claudia Ferris. Claudia led the fight to save Hastings Park for the community but lost that battle. Thank Vision for that one.

So once again, happy happy birthday Tim Che Louis and I really do hope your socialist star continues to shine.

Long live the Che in you!

Jamie Lee Hamilton